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PKU College Preschool and Peking University Affiliated Experimental Preschool are kindergarten brands owned by PKU College. In all aspects of kindergarten construction and operations, our preschools have shown the utmost care for young children.

Introduction >>

PKU College Preschool provide bilingual instruction and advanced teaching methods to ensure a realization of our three-dimensional education of children and high dimensional achievements.

Curriculum System >>

Our preschool curriculum is unique and children-centered. It absorbs internationally advanced scientific research theories to achieve Chinese domestic practial results via a well-prepared preschool environment.

Environment >>

PKU Preschools emphasize the utmost care for young children in all aspects of campus construction and environment creation.

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Our classic proprietary curriculum is delivered through interactive activities and daily routines.

Activities >>

PKU College provides a rich and colorful extracurricular experience for children.

Daily life >>

PKU College Preschool is committed to provide children with the highest quality of pre-school education in line with international standards. Please find our one-day routine here.

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2014-2015 Calendar for Preschool Students

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We're happy to see you and answer your any questions in our campus.