Curriculum System

Our preschool curriculum is unique and children-centered. The three-dimensional education, high-dimensional achievements pedagogic theory embodies our educational philosophy.

The 'horizontal axis' of PKU College preschools' system is focused on the children's daily routines, their four years of early childhood growth targets, and five major areas of learning. The 'vertical axis' of our system is filled by ournine classic proprietary curriculums. Elegant and safe preschool environments form a three-dimensional and vibrant living and learning space for our students. We provide bilingual instruction and advanced teaching methods to ensure the realization for the children of our 'three-dimensional education and high dimensional achievements'.

Our proprietary curriculum consists of nine courses on classic topics: Chinese language, English language, math, arts and crafts, music, scientific experimentation, physical education, and ethics.
Our traditional Chinese language arts course includes the study of chants, story-listening, picture book reading, literacy and oral composition. The English language course teaches English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. If our English language course is not enough for your needs, PKU College preschools also provide a premier international program. This program offers a full immersion English environment for the children in which the English language is used when learning math, science, arts & crafts, as well as while carrying out daily activities. Student's workbooks, teacher’s guides, and our multi-media teaching methods are well prepared for both bilingual and premier international programs. The utilization of hand held tablets and multi-media resources has brought a wealth of imagination and creativity to early childhood education.

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