School Introduction

PKU College School is composed of a set of modern boarding schools including bilingual preschools, two-tier primary schools (which feature both the Premier Domestic Program and Premier International Program) and international middle and high schools. 

PKU College School aims to provide quality education and to develop students’ comprehensive skills, abilities and competitive spirit. At the school we stress the importance of valuing nature, nurturing individuality, building wisdomand developing excellence. The School features modern teaching facilities and quality teaching resources which provide students a platform to experience the profound cultural heritage of Peking University and to receive an international standard of education. Moreover our high reputed state-of-the-art school management system ensures the delivery of quality educational services.

Under the guidance of our foreigndirector of studies, PKU College has more than 100 foreign teachers, experts and scholars. Students are given an all-rounded education with a focus on solid analytical and problem solving abilities to face all kinds of challenges in life challenges in life. We aim to provide a foundation for them to become the leaders and future pillars of the nation, as well as to lead a happy and successful life.

School Motto

Uphold ethics, enjoy learning;
Be resolute, courageous, wise and respectful;
Adhere to principles and attend to practice;
Be diligent, self restraint, dignified, trustworthy and honest.

Professional qualities to be developed in the students’ individual ways

Problem and conflict solving ability
Adaptability to new environments and challenges
Team cooperativeness
Communication skills
Leadership potential
Global vision
Sense of responsibility
Moral character


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