Course Outline

At PKU College School, we follow well-grounded principles of education to develop students into fully-rounded individuals. Our curriculum integrates features of high-end, international and multidisciplinary practice, reflecting modern theories in both Eastern and Western education, with aims of meeting all of the students ’ physical, mental, spiritual and social developmental needs.

We underscore the importance of creating solid foundations of knowledge, skills and proper behavior, while at the same time implementing personalized international courses to offer students more opportunities and choices. Our Chinese program emphasizes the mastery of Chinese literature. Our mathematics course features the seamless integration of Chinese and American math education. English and arts courses adopt native teaching and learning materials of American primary and secondary education. Overall, it is a comprehensive, balanced curriculum with a rigorous self-assessment system. Courses are both offered by both foreign and local teachers, who not only strive to develop students’ general academic competence, but also focus on delivering deep levels of knowledge.

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