Featured Facilities

PKU College School students enjoy world class sports centers, art and music centers, as well as other indoor and outdoor facilities.  Students are expected to be accomplished in at least one sport and one art activity.



To improve students’ physical development, the School has indoor swimming pool, basketball court, badminton hall, skating courses and other facilities. We also host elective courses including equestrian, fencing, chess, martial arts, football, baseball, golf, tennis, etc.. Students will not only have the opportunity to exercise, but also to broaden their lifestyles.



We believe it is important to foster artistic development for every student, so in addition to visual art, vocal music, calligraphy, and other required courses, we also offer a variety of elective courses in piano, folk music, band music, chorus, pottery, paper art, body building, as well as various other art groups and clubs.


Science and Technology

The School has scientific laboratories, multimedia classrooms and multifunctional classrooms. We aim with these facilities to familiarize students with the use of modern technologies, and to develop their abilities in scientific exploration.

Organic farm and Field Survival Development Base

The school enjoys a 1,000,000-square-meter farm supplying organic food for our students. It also acts as an outstanding camping site where students can take part in various kinds of activities to improve their physical fitness and strengthen their field survival abilities.

In addition, at any time during a year, students have opportunities to participate in farm work such as planting, weeding, fruit picking and animal raising. Through these activities, students can observe closely how plants and animals grow and take part in different outdoor exercises.

Students can play, sing and dance in the open and have bonfires for festival celebrations. Such enjoyable activities will cultivate their teamwork consciousness and encourage a happy school life.

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