Primary School

While of course following the National Curriculum, our primary school sector also pays extra attention to the students' physical and psychological health, helping the students find their interests and develop their full potentials. The students in our boarding school program have the extra opportunity to develop independence by caring for themselves and engaging in self-directed study.

The primary school two-tiered system is divided into premier domestic program and premier international program. Premier domestic program takes the national curriculum as the core course material, but supplements it with PKU School proprietary courses such as the reading of Chinese classics and foreign classics, as well as intensive English courses which are taught by bilingual teachers and foreign teachers.

Our premier international program, in addition to the compulsory national curriculum, strive to strengthen the students' English abilities by adopting American courses, which are mainly taught by foreign teachers with the support of bilingual teaching assistants. The number of hours speaking English is more than double that of domestic program. With this program, the students will undergo all aspects of academic development to a level which is equals that of primary school graduates in western countries.

Premier domestic program and international program in primary schools put significant emphasis on students' reading and writing skills for them to read in both Chinese and English and write in a variety of styles.
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