High School

Our high school's goal is to cultivate in our students a fully rounded set of academic and real-life skills and qualities, as well as to promote their resilience, and pay special note to developing critical thinking skills.  This goal encompasses many different areas,including academic research capabilities, high ethical standards, physical and psychological qualities, vision and breadth of mind, multidimensional knowledge structure, more than two languages of oral and written communication skills, innovative thinking abilities, management abilities and healthy emotional development. Graduates from our high schools are in a good place to apply to any of the famous first class Chinese universities, to receive scholarships, or to secure a spot in an international university in the U.S.A, Canada or beyond.

American AP courses are the core courses in our high school sector. Foreign teachers with bilingual teachers’ support and assistance play the key roles in the teaching system. In the first year of high school, AP preparation courses, TOFEL test preparation courses, as well as the PKU College School proprietary curriculum are introduced. During the second and the final years, students take AP and TOFEL tests, and be fully prepared to apply for prestigious universities abroad and for various scholarships.

AP courses - Advanced Placement courses - have been offered at more than 15,000 high schools in the United States. It enables students to access university courses in advance, and earn university credits to shorten their time at university. It lays a solid foundation for applying to universities and obtaining scholarships in the United States, Canada and other countries.
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