Social Practice Activities

Our School encourages students to set up a variety of communities and interest groups.  It also supports students in their efforts to self-manage, engage in school competitions as well as conduct inter-institution exchanges. Schools will also provide opportunities of internship, participation in social welfare activities, social practice, as well as field survival training and outreach activities. Students’ social skills, organizational leadership and coordination, team-building and independence abilities are all developed. These activities also help students visualize their development of professional and career direction.

The School has a psychological counseling center and professional development center. Under the guidance of professional teachers, the students gradually learn to form plans in terms of professional development and career direction. The School is full of physically and mentally healthy students who are the country's reserve talents for long-term development.

Meanwhile, through international exchange, students have the opportunities to go to the United States, Canada and other countries where they study short term in internationally-recognized secondary schools and universities. Academic research, along with in-depth experience of foreign culture and customs, help students become familiar with multicultural environments and develop an international perspective.
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