Parents Education Center

PKU College Parents Education Center offers parents the opportunity to expand their knowledge in child raising, household management and fortune inheritance. The faculties are education experts from China Parents Education Research Institute, PKU College Educational Research Academy, PKU College Household Management Academy, PKU College Social Work Education Academy and Beijing Parents Education Research Institute. They address a range of issues which occur in childhood development and provide parents with effective and practical family education solutions.

PKU College Parents Education Center is committed to expanding parents’ understanding of effective parenthood. Teaching is conducted by PKU College’s own education experts in the Parents Education Center and followed up by center staff. Under professional instruction, those who take the training will gain a better understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses as parents, as well as learn about proper parenting responsibilities and different parenting styles. The many effective and practical methods learned about can help parents smooth domestic issues, build strong family ties, and promote a harmonious family environment for children.

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