Teachers Training Program

Relying on the educational resources of Peking University, and fueled by PKU College's Education Research Institute, our powerful expert training system of school management and discipline development caters to principals and teachers of all kinds of schools, both private and public from preschool to high school. It also services certain relevant government departments. PKU College's educators are given professional career development assistance, filled with optimized and progressive levels of comprehensive training programs and services and remarkable career prospects.

PKU College provides an array of trainings to principals, superintendents and teachers to  address their problems in teaching or management, share the best practices and ultimately improve their career success.

Our training programs include:

  • Outstanding Principals MBA Course
  • Principals Study Tour to America
  • Principals Study Tour to Japan
  • Preschool Teachers EDP Course
  • School Principals Summit Conference
  • PKU College Oversea Master Program
  • Female Leadership Program in Education
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