About PKU College

PKU College is a comprehensive educational organization in Beida Jade Bird Group. Recognized as a quality education provider, PKU College honors the tradition and innovation of Peking University. Here at PKU College, we promote the spirit of academic freedom, inclusiveness and innovation. We combine both Chinese and Western educational philosophies to cultivate future Chinese leaders and world citizens.

As the country’s premier educational institution, PKU College operates three featured platforms including research, training and schools. The three platforms have attracted the attention of many senior education specialists both nationwide and worldwide. Our unique Panoramic Pedagogy consists of school education, family education, parent education and social education, and it commits to prepare students for real life challenges. PKU College endeavors in K-12 education, Chinese and western education comparative studies and home school collaboration.

At PKU College, we advocate worldwide academic communication on comparative education. We have close cooperation on a number of projects with a significant number of overseas prestigious universities, UNESCO and the World Bank Fund. PKU College strives to become a national education think tank. We are also noted for supporting early and mid-career teachers and principals, as seen in our commitment to education management training. Furthermore, we are devoted to be first-class academies for children as well as their parents.

PKU College Research Academy undertakes academic research and guidance of education programs. We offer a variety of education and training programs. Currently, PKU College is devoting every effort to develop education programs in two areas. The first area focuses on K-12 education. PKU College has its own preschools, primary and secondary schools, and a training center, namely the Young Learners Center. We also own the brand of Peking University Affiliated Experimental Preschool, Primary and Secondary School, which allows for broader franchising. The second area focuses on adult education. PKU College offers Post EMBA programs to enlighten parents about household management, education management programs for kindergarten and school principals and professional development programs for education practitioners in specific areas (MBA, EDP, and Women in Leadership, etc.). We also offer other training programs that include parental education, the community education innovation and professional social worker training.

An increasing number of families and educational practitioners benefit from learning at PKU College through our professional, standardized and international educational services and quality management.

Our Vision
Rooted in Peking University’s academic and culture tradition that has spanned over a century, we are committed to building the most highly regarded comprehensive educational institution.

Our Mission
To cultivate our students to become great Chinese and world citizens with remarkable leadership, creativity and international perspectives.

Educational Philosophy
Three-Dimensional Education and High-Dimensional Achievements.

Educational Goals
Advocate students' love for nature
Enlighten the development of their individual identity
Build the abundance of mentality
Cultivate the future leaders


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