Research Academy

PKU College Educational Research Academy is our organization’s educational research and training department. This academy is comprised of a Research Institute, College, and Learners Center, which undertake educational research, education training and young learners’ training respectively. PKU College Educational Research Academy relies on  several internationally renowned experts and scholars who bring strong academic backgrounds and diverse academic perspectives. We pride ourselves on establishing the first Family Management Research Institute in China offering “Post-EMBA” courses which focus on “inspiring the next generation, forming good family relationship and leaving a family legacy”.

Research Institute

The Research Institute is comprised of various different sub-institutes: : Preschool Education, Basic Education, Family Management, Community Education, Educational Publishing, Military and Sports, Martial Art Education, Traditional Sinology and the Brain Science Center Lab. These sub-institutes are mainly in charge of academic research, curriculum development, teaching material design and expert guidance.


The Research Academy’s College includes the College of Education Management, College of Family Management, College of Social Work and other training Colleges. There are a number of degree and non-degree programs, including an MBA in education management, a Post-EMBA in Family Management and various other subjects.

Educational managers and teaching experts get together to discuss updated pedagogies and share various teaching and educational experiences in the field of education. They use their combined knowledge to establish and develop excellent training programs for front-line principals, educators and teachers, to assist with their professional development, and ultimately to improve the self-directed learning skills of the attendees.


The Center of the Research Academy is made up of the Parent Training Center and the Young Learners Center. The experts and professors from these Centers apply cutting edge theories into practice and continuously refine the courses they offer. The Parent Training Center helps parents to face the difficulties and issues of a child growing up. It aims to relieve some of the anxiety of parenting and guide parents towards becoming effective and efficient child-raisers. The Young Learners Center puts cutting-edge educational theories into practice in order to develop children's potentials, stimulate their interests in learning and ultimately improve their multifaceted abilities.

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