PKU College forms strategic alliance with Derun Greentown
2013-03-07 17:01:45   from:Pkucollege

Recently, PKU College and Derun Greentown signing ceremony was held in Shouguang Chenming Kokusai Hotel,Shandong province. President of Beida Jade Bird Education Group, Mr. Dong Qi, Vice Mayor of Shouguang Municipal government, Mr. Liu Guangbin, Chairman of Derun Greentown Real Estate development limited company Mr. Wang Xiuqing, Managing director of PKU College, Ms. Li Jing and other leaders attended the ceremony.


Mr. Dong Qi, first of all, expressed sincere thanks to all leaders, guests and friends from the media. He said in a statement: "Shandong is a remarkable place where from ancient times a large number of talents come from. PKU College commit to providing the first-class, high quality of preschool in Shandong where students can get a real education with best service from early childhood. Mr. Dong Qi also outlooked the prospect of cooperation between two sides. He said, today we witnessed PKU brand entry into Shouguang, just like a seed planting here, years later it will grow into big trees after our careful watering and  cultivation.


"PKU College International Bilingual Preschool entry into Shouguang, this will definitely enhance the quality of early childhood education service and Shouguang overall educational quality to a high extent. The municipal government will strongly support PKU College to set up International Bilingual preschool here", Shouguang municipal government deputy mayor Mr. Liu Guangbin said.

President of Derun Greentown Real Estate 
appreciated Shouguang municipal government's support and PKU College's dedication. He said he will be in accordance with national requirements, PKU College requirements, to construct the building of the preschool with high standard and best quality.

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