PKU College will launch many campuses in September; opening a new pattern of pre
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It is reported that in September 2014, PKU College Preschool will launch campuses in Weifang, Yantai, Weihai in Shandong Province, Panjin in Liaoning Province and Xuchang in Henan Province, to extend the business layout of PKU College preschool chain and open a new pattern of preschool education. In addition, the plan to launch this series of campuses will continue up to 2018. As the leading domestic education institutions with international vision, PKU College’s new plan will boost the coverage and influence of PKU College Education, help the local cities realize the leap-forward development of preschool education, and at the same time create new early childhood education carriers in the new era.


Attentively preschool construction won parents’ praise; each campus has its distinctive feature

PKU College Preschool is a high-end education organization run by Peking University. Relying on the strong advantages of Peking University and PKU College education scientific research institute as well as the specialization and internationalization of teachers and management team, through the "panoramic education theory" of school education, family education, parents education and social education.  In addition, the well-designed curriculum, PKU College provides high quality education services to young children. With the object of “Advocate students’ love for nature, enlighten the development of their individual identity, build the abundance of mentality, and cultivate the future leaders.” PKU College commits to helping children realize these Three-Dimensional Education and High-Dimensional Achievements.

PKU College Preschool, based on its standard management, outstanding teachers, professional quality and innovative ideas, has won innumerable praise from parents. PKU College’s preschools are first-class high-end quality preschools in local city, all the campuses are set up with libraries, art classrooms, music classroom, preschool to primary school bridge classroom, children's theater, drama hall, indoor fitness pavilion and multi-function classroom. Some of these preschools can even reach the international advanced level. Take the Weifang Derun Greentown International Bilingual Preschool for example, which will open in September; the construction area is nearly 20,000 square meters; a huge expanse, the campus was designed with SimCity, development base, With a large green awning, orchard harvest, mini zoo and other exclusive space for young children, it provides the children with the opportunity to perceive the world in the process of close to nature; in addition that the Qingdao Tianxi, Weihai Sea Pearl and other international bilingual preschools adopted designs from international gold award winner designers. They chose the ocean as their theme, supporting the children with beautiful, vibrant and three-dimensional holographic living and learning space.


In line with the international standard, building best education organization; domestic and foreign professionals devote passion.

PKU College absorbs international advanced scientific research theory and the domestic practicing results in the field of teaching, pooling a large number of well-known international experts and scholars, who have diverse disciplines background and frontline practice experience, undertaking the academic, educational training, scientific research and other popular science service work. The common education goal, vision and concern, as well as love and attention to children's development have closely connected experts in this education industry, devoting themselves into the pre-school education career.

PKU College foreign teachers’ teaching and research team, in basis on all kinds of preschool education theories and practice experience, create nine Century Elite Curriculum system and International Elite Curriculum system embracing five study centers. All are aimed at promoting young children's IQ, EQ, multidimensional thinking ability and comprehensive expression ability, as well as the comprehensive development of virtue, art, physical and other aspects. Some PKU College preschool, such as Qingdao Tianxi and Weihai Sea Pearl International Bilingual Preschool even provide full-day professional foreign teachers’ English curriculum, letting the children receive pure international education at home, enjoying proper English language ability and English thinking ability when they graduate from the preschool.

PKU College also extends its research to home-school coordinate cooperation community construction, which also stimulated to national research subject.


With strong supports from General Operating System, PKU College can develop steady and win with high quality.

With the opening of the second child policy and other good news, Preschool Education Industry has become hot spot. People think that the childcare industry is profitable, but few can obtain parents recognition and win real success after joining into this industry.

About PKU’s rapid rise, Li Jing, managing directorof PKU College said that relying on Peking University and high quality teaching resourcesof Beida Jade Bird Group, through the integration of a large number of international high level theory and international well-known experts and scholars, PKU College had established its own core competitiveness in teaching research and development, operations management, service management and other aspects. Chain operation in essence is the scale operation, but the best education mode should be teaching students in accordance with their aptitude. These two contradictory elements are the dilemmas of operating preschool. And based on the premise of core competitiveness, with the scale effect and strict quality management to lay the foundation of future success, PKU College can construct the preschool into real international standards high quality preschool.

PKU College has scientific and perfect operational management system; in addition to its standardized management manual, working routine, operation process and identical teacher training system are the strong power to assist preschool operation, guaranteeing the quality of preschool education services. Because of its high quality preschool education and parent’s service, PKU College preschool has set up a model of industry specialization, standardization and internationalization. Based on its strong scientific research advantage and wide development platform, PKU College will also continuously explore and constantly impact industry, growing up in the close interaction together with children and families.


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